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Thank you for your interest. We have two positions that we are searching to fill with qualified candidates.

Regional Ministry Director for your Church or Personal Outreach

If you have a burning passion to help shape our nations future by helping us reach a lost generation of Fatherless Boys for Christ, we invite you to Request our FREE DVD “Boys2Men4Christ” to learn more about our solutions to building greater communities across the country, and a greater Nation.

Dad for Boys (www.DadsforBoys.org – 501-C3.) is a Non Salaried Position with financial assistance from our partnering non profit fundraising Marketing arm (www.CharitableDonationsUSA.com).

If you are interested in learning more about our mission, please call John Pyle, (Founder) directly for discussion or for more details and our FREE DVD, complete the form below (Please designate Ministry Position)

John R Pyle – Founder
www.dadsforboys.org Celebrating our 27th year
Direct Line 352-255-3590


How to develop a Local mentoring program as an individual or church community outreach.

We are celebrating our 27th year mentoring fatherless boys . When possible we match Christian men to boys without dads and also provide group outdoor events working with other non profits and local youth pastors. . Our DVD Boys2Men4Christ is ministry in a box on how to become an affiliate and develop a youth mentoring program. We are searching for organizations or men with a heart for the Fatherless. We are celebrating our 27th year in ministry from our 240 acre Boys Ranch in Central fl.-www.dadsforBoys.org.

We have never taken a salary or charged for events here in Florida as well as Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Argentina and other Latin American countries.

We have passed the baton in all foreign markets and are focusing our 27 years of experience partnering with others to combat Americas Fatherless Epidemic. (Over half of Americas youth live in a father absent home and 80 % of all run aways, HS dropouts, gangs, bulling, drugs, suicide, rape, institutions, jail and more come from the fatherless. And 4 of 10 new births in America come from young girls creating more fatherlessness).

This is a National Expansion Program, a personal ministry partnership with financial help from our sister fundraising organization www.CharitableDonationsUSA.com . No plans for mentoring fatherless individuals or groups are too small or too large including total community outreach working with yours and other churches.

We look forward to your responses

Marketing Repersentatives – Position #2

Regional Marketing Director – and Marketing Reps F/T or P/T to start. An Excellent Income Position. We receive donated Airplanes, Cars, Boats, RV’s, Motorcycles, Golf carts, ATV’s and also donors who bequeathed gifts of property, coins, firearms etc. Excellent affiliated independent contractor position. Excellent training and Support and financial assistance.

A portion of proceeds from sales of donated items go to support our National Boys Ranch expansion and development of the Mentoring ministry in the communities of our reps and each donor. For detailed information – Call me direct for discussion or complete the application below (and designate Marketing Position). Also visit www.dadsforboys.org – Celebrating our 27th year.

John R Pyle Founder
Direct Line -352-255-3590




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