The mission of Charitable Donation USA is to foster hope rather than despair, potential rather than limitation, healing rather than hurting, belonging rather than isolation and what the future can be rather than what the past has been. It is our greatest wish that we can help teens and their families find hope on a national scope.

Our main focus is on fatherless boys and girls.

Each donation we receive, we take the time to maximize every opportunity that a donation has to offer to maximize the effectiveness of our supporting members (doners) donations and goodwill.

Your donations and gifts NEVER pay for salaries, and we have been recognized recently as one of the top charitable organizations in our area with a very low administrative cost. We maximize each dollar donated and direct the funds to further and support the growth of our outreach programs. To learn more about our successes, our mission and vision, and our schedule of events, please explore our web site to learn how you can help.
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Your SUPPORT will change a LIFE!

We are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors who answer the call to give again and again.


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