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Motor boat Donation is fast, free and easy through us!

Give today and have your donation picked up in as little as a week. Free yourself from a motor boat sitting on the side of your house or taking your money each month in storage. Make a motor boat donation today with us by filling out our online form below or calling our Donation Center.

Give anytime seven days a week and in just five minutes over the phone or securely online. Donate your motor boat today and give back potentially thousands in donation proceeds to charity.

Your donation can also provide thousands in tax deduction benefits for you based directly on the market value of your motor boat donation! We will even help you make a free and clear title transfer for each motor boat donation once you are ready to give.

Sailboat donation provides amazing tax benefits in as little as five minutes!

All sailboats, all sizes!

You have a sailboat that you want to divest yourself of but you simply do not have the time or inclination to sell it on you own. Do you list it with a broker and hope you get a decent price, event after the  commission fees?

What you want to do is call Charitable Donations USA and donate a sailboat instead. There are two main reasons why you should make a sailboat donation.

First, you will likely receive a better value for it through a fair market tax deduction, which spells great saving for you come income tax time. And second, when you donate a sailboat, you are helping a variety of charitable organizations goals locally and nationally.

You can influence thousands with one yacht donation to charity!

A yacht donation can be transformed into years of lasting services for our beneficiaries who are in need of a helping hand.

Your yacht donation could be years of support for charitable programs right in your area and nationally.

Transform your yacht donation into a lasting gift for individuals and families looking for a second chance also putting thousands in federal tax deduction savings at your disposal. Provide up to five years of tax deduction support and savings for yourself plus the chance for a full appraised value tax deduction when you donate your yacht with us! Fill out the contact form today to donate your yacht to charity now or five us a call any of the week to learn more.

Give your houseboat today and have it picked up from anywhere in as little as a few days! Transform a houseboat into five years of federal tax savings with us!

Very few charitable organizations accept houseboats, but we are different! Donate any type of houseboat from anywhere in the state free of charge with us and have it picked up by our houseboat transport teams.

Start today in just five minutes over the phone through one of our helpful volunteers or by completing our house boat donation form below.

With a few short details about your house boat you can receive federal tax savings and free transport with or without a trailer.

Make a personal watercraft donation with us even if you do not have a trailer! Running or not your PWC can make a significant difference for charity!

Donate a jet ski, wave-runner, or any other type of personal watercraft directly through us and transform it into proceeds for your favorite causes!

Give anytime seven days a week by filling out our form below or contacting a helpful volunteer.

You can provide thousands to your favorite charitable causes and even give back directly to your favorite community programs all through us. Spend five minutes today with one of our volunteers and lock in federal savings plus thousands in potential support for your beloved charitable programs and our beneficiaries.

That’s right! We accept boat trailer donations of all types.

Give your boat trailer to charity today with our help!

Very few charitable organizations accept boat trailer donations.

We are the exception!

We accept boat trailer donations fro anywhere in your state all free of charge and, can handle all little transfer paperwork for you each time your give.

Let us hassle with the donation details and the preparation of all necessary donation documents for you. Give today with just five minutes of your time and lock in federal savings plus help our ongoing fission to support thousand of great causes.