Start your Annuity Donation!

Instructions for Donations of an Endowment /Annuity Gift

The fastest and easiest way to make an Endowment Gift is to contact Charitable Donations USA.

An endowed gift works for you if you would like to support Charitable Donations USA far into the future. Review this checklist to help you further determine whether this way to give works well for you.

Three Reasons to Consider an Endowed Gift

If any one of these reasons resonates with you, contact us to learn more about this way to support our mission.

  1. You are a regular supporter of Charitable Donations USA and want to make sure your support continues after your lifetime.
  2. You want to honor your family name, or someone special to you, through a charitable gift to our organization.
  3. You have a favorite program that you want to support far into the future.

Your endowment can provide annual funds to finance a particular project, sustain a continuing program or support our current crucial needs.

Make an annuity Donation!